Pitch Perfect 2 REVIEW

Over two years ago already, my sister and I did not really know what film to go see and ended up opting for Pitch Perfect. We had little idea of what to expect back then. The film turned out to be the funniest movie since that other female-driven comedy smash hit Bridesmaids and ended up being one of our favourite films of the year. Rebel Wilson's fearless portrayal of the equally fearless Fat Amy was a true breakout and a major gamechanger in comedy. My sister and I definitely were not the only ones who loved this movie. Pitch Perfect was as they call it, a sleeper hit and has gotten a cult-like status (is that too early to say?). The sequel was eagerly anticipated and that is obvious now. In its opening weekend, Pitch Perfect 2 grossed a staggering 108 million dollar. Almost as much as the first movie grossed in its entire run. On top of that, critics seem to like it too. But what do I think?

As I said, I absolutely loved the original Pitch Perfect movie. Part of that was the surprise factor. I did not expect anything and the film was great. This time around expectations were high. I had seen the trailer, which looked promising, a dozen of times and I was just really looking forward to seeing a good comedy again. All and all this could go two ways; either this was going to be very fun again, or the anticipation would end in utter disappointment. Thankfully it turned out to be the first.

The impact was not quite as big as two years ago, but Pitch Perfect 2 was a great sequel to its predecessor. Funny, charming and witty like the first one, this film was basically the same formula but with just enough little updates to make it both true to the original and fresh. Biggest change is probably the swifted focus from mainly Anna Kendrick's character Beca, to more of the ensemble cast. Beca as well as Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and new character Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld) are more prominently visible than the other cast members, but in general Pitch 2 is an ensemble effort.

And with a great ensemble, including many great individuals who have a great chemistry, that is the best thing that could happen with this film. Rebel Wilson is a standout with a scene-stealing quality, but also someone who seems to get the best out of the others as well. It is Elizabeth Banks who deserves praise for her feature-length directorial debut, for making choices like these. Directing and producing a sequel to a beloved film is not easy, but she succeeded.

Also big part of both the first film's success as well as this one's, is the incredible soundtrack. A great mix of (contemporary) classics and more recent hits in that typical a capella sound. Smash hit Cups is of course reprised and an original song is added. I like how the soundtrack is kind of capturing the sound of a generation, without being pretentious in any way, or sounding like someone's trying too hard.

Over all I enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2 very much. It is a 'worthy' sequel and just great on its own. The fact that this film marks yet another success of female driven films (directed by females) at the box office must mean something too. Because yes, women are funny and yes, people want to see women in movies.



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