Screen Actors Guild Awards X Best Dressed

Last Sunday were the 21st SAG Awards, honouring the best in acting by actors. Viola Davis won for her performance on How To Get Away With Murder (which Fleur reviewed just days ago here), as well as Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne, Uzo Aduba and 'many' others for their respective work.

Julianne and Emma both were winners on the red carpet too. The two redheads, on-screen mother-daughter in Crazy Stupid Love, wore beautiful dresses, that continued their style-winning-streak so far this Award Season.

Julianne Moore, Julianne Moore Givenchy, Julianne Moore SAG, Emma Stone, Emma Stone Dior, Emma Stone SAG
Emma Stone opted not for Lanvin this time, but for Dior Haute Couture. Her look was however quite as bold as it was at the Globes. She wore this beautiful double breasted blazer dress with a semi-transparent underlay. Both risque and appropriate and the perfect follow-up to her Lanvin embellished-bustier-pants-bow combination. If she did not have my attention already, she sure as hell has now. I am looking forward to the Baftas and especially the Oscars, to see what she has up her sleeve.

Julianne Moore wore custom Givenchy Haute Couture again, after also appearing in a specially designed Riccardo Tisci to the Globes. Also, it is the second year in a row the best actress winner at the SAGs wears Givenchy, after Cate Blanchett wore it last year when she won. I love how the gown has the simplest possible silhouette, but becomes special by its gorgeous colour (that contrasts beautifully with Moore's red hair) and rich embellishments. Quite often I am not a fan of letting hair just hang loose to award shows, but Julianne somehow knows to pull it off. I guess it works nice with the simple cut of this particular gown.


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