A Very Happy 2015!

Let me start by wishing you all the very best for the new year. Naive as I can be, I believe this year, yet again, will be better than the last. Even though last year was a very special one for me, mainly because I lived in Paris for quite a bit of it. I have had an absolute fantastic time there! I love the city even more than I knew before and I made a great group of new friends.

My life as a blogger reached new highs as well. After my first and only fashion show in 2013, I covered Amsterdam Fashion Week two times in 2014 and I got the chance to taste a little bit of what Paris Fashion Week is like as well. I got to work together with a few brands, started writing columns for Eat Sleep Dress and I started a Just Sammthing facebook page (was about time). In fact I expect to pass 500.000 pageviews since the start over four years ago, within days really.

As I always do I set a few goals for 2014 and I am happy to say that I kind of achieved all of them less or more. Let's take a look;

-         Learn speaking French fluently and truly get to know the city of Paris
Truth be told I am hardly fluent in French now. My French did improve a lot, but speaking French is still difficult. As for getting to know Paris, I think I succeeded. Re-read my Insider's Guide to Paris to see for yourself ;).
-         Get in to Paris Fashion Week (menswear, ready-to-wear or Haute Couture, all three count)
I GOT IN! First I got a confirmation for the Andrew Gn show back in March, but I never received the actual invitation in the post (I blame the postman), bummer.  During the same fashion week I did take the shot of Anna Dello Russo above. I'm still proud, haha. Then in June I got invitations to the Henrik Vibskov and Agn├Ęs B shows during Menswear week. I absolutely loved it! In fact I got another invitation for the upcoming Menswear week as well. Such a pity I won't be able to make it this time.
-         Earn my Bachelor's degree plus Honours certificate
Check! I decided to do an extra bachelor semester, so I still don't have the paper, but I got the message that everything is alright.
-         Continue professionalizing Just Sammthing 
Just Sammthing is still slowly getting more professional. For example when I hosted a giveaway for the first time a few weeks ago.
-     Watch all seasons of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Homeland and Modern family (let's not take this list too seriously)
I think I didn't realize how many episodes these four series have in total. I only succeeded in watching almost four seasons of Modern Family (and a bunch of other series I have watched for a while).

Much like 2014, 2015 will be a year full of new experiences. In a month I will start my first ever big internship and in September I will start my Master in architecture. It feels like I'm really getting into adult life now.

-       After I got a taste of it in 2014, I would like to visit an international fashion week again this year.
-       I want to involve charity in Just Sammthing. Of course I have the #HeForShe banner on my website, but I am planning on doing a little more.
-       Continue professionalizing Just Sammthing more and more and more! After hosting the first ever giveaway on Just Sammthing for Christmas, I am planning on getting more of these things done in 2015.
-     Producing more original content; in that I mean using my own photos more and more. 
-     Posting on Instagram at least 3x a week!


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