Het Nationale Ballet X Cinderella

Ballet and Christmas are a golden combination. Most famously so in Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. On the 2nd of January my mother, sister and I combined the ballet and the holidays for the first time when we went to see Swan Lake as performed by a little known Russian company. This time around, my sister and I gave our mom tickets to the Dutch National Ballet's Cinderella, which we went to see on Saturday night. The three of us had been looking forward to Saturday for quite a while. Het Nationale Ballet is widely regarded one of the top ballet companies in the world and we had heard great things about this particular production.

Cinderella definitely didn't disappoint. The dancing was great, decors and costumes were beautiful and I loved the music, which in contrast to Swan Lake's, I didn't know before. I highly respect ballet dancers. Their grace, power and their ability to tell stories through their movement is simply unique. This was clearly visible again in this production of Cinderella.

There are still a few tickets left to see Cinderella until the 1st of January. If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam and like ballet, please visit Het Nationale Ballet's website for more information on Cinderella and other upcoming productions.


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