Best of 2014 in Film

Christmas is over, so traditionally I start my series of Best Of 2014 posts. This Year I’ll kick off with my ten favourite movies of the year (and an extra four honourable mentions). As always there are a few films that were released in the US in 2013 on the list, while other films might miss because they won’t be released here in Europe until 2015.

I think my list this year is a nice mix of different films; big hits and modest succeses, big studio productions and small indies, colourful feel-good films and twisted dramas and films led by Hollywood legends as well as by fresh faces. In no particular order, these are my ten favourite films of 2014:

Chef  The charming cast and delicious street dishes made this film one of my favourites of the year.
Philomena Had Blue Jasmine been released in another year, I think Dame Judi Dench would have gotten the Best Actress Oscar for her beautiful role in Philomena.
12 Years A Slave This year’s Academy champ can’t possibly miss on this list. The film is as important as it is good.
Begin Again Keira Knightley proves she is good at more than just period drama in this very, very lovely musical indie.
The Fault in Our Stars This film must be one of the best young adult movies ever. Thanks in great deal to Shailene Woodley’s portrayal of Hazel.
Boyhood What’s so great about this movie, is that it’s so normal and so real. I guess everybody can relate to some of it.
Her This love story is weirdly charming. And any film that gives Scarlett Johansson’s voice such a platform is pleasant to say the least.
Gone Girl Brilliantly twisted. Rosamund Pike is amazing indeed as 'Amazing' Amy Dunne.
Interstellar Christopher Nolan’s epic space drama lived up to the carefully build-up buzz. It was Jessica Chastain though that stole the show.
The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson combined a deliciously bizarre story, beautiful art direction and a great ensemble cast to create one of the most fun and colourful movies of the year.

Honourable mentions go to…
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I For its great acting and the fact that it was an unexpectedly good build-up to the grand finale next year.
Maleficent Because I guess Angelina Jolie will forever more be remembered for her very good and iconic portrayal of what’s arguably Disney’s most beloved villain.
You’re Not You Hilary Swank’s performance in The Homesmen sparked Awards buzz, but her performance in You’re Not You stayed under the radar for some reason I don’t understand. Her performance, as well as co-star’s Emmy Rossum’s, were outstanding. The film itself maybe not so much.
The Hundred Foot Journey Because I have a soft spot for movies about food, movies set in France and movies with British acting royalty such as Dame Helen Mirren. The Hundred Food Journey is all three in one.

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