As you may already know, I am a supporter of UNWomen's He For She campaign. I believe in equal rights for men and women everywhere. Here in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, everywhere. So when I got to know that the H&M Conscious Foundation is teaming up with CARE for their Holiday Campaign. Of course I wanted to help as much as I can by spreading the word.

H&M made a special set of gift stickers for the Holidays that will cost you only €0,99, but the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate another €0,99 per purchase to a special CARE project in Ethiopia to empower women and girls there. So for every set sold, €2 will be donated to CARE. The more stickers you (and I) will buy, the more money will go to this great initiative. Aim is to invest in little start-up companies as to help as many women and girls as possible.

The stickers are available right now both in stores and online. Find out more about this charitable collaboration here. And buy a set while you are at it! I and many women will be very thankful.


  1. That's a great charity! I'll definitely have to swing by my local H&M. Thank you!

    1. I'm so happy to read that. Great!

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