The New Pregnant

Pregnancy fashion has become more and more of a thing over the years. Or at least, it has become more visible. Last award season Olivia "skintight green" Wilde and Kerry "crop-top" Washington were among the best-dressed-list regulars while pregnant and Victoria Beckham was arguably the second best dressed woman in Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding back in 2011. Also while pregnant. Pregnant women all over the world seem to have embraced being pregnant in a whole new way by staying beautiful and fashionable while their bodies undeniably change.

A year after Washington and Wilde, two women who have always really been on top of best-dressed lists are pregnant: Blake Lively and Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge. Their pregnancies are the most-talked about pregnancies of the moment and since this week also the most talked about well-dressed pregnancies of the moment. Blake and Kate are the embodiment of The New Pregnant.

Blake stunned in a beaded Michael Kors gown and a white Gucci gown that's already dubbed the best pregnancy gown ever. After her deals with Gucci, l'Oréal and Ryan Reynolds she elevated her style icon status to a whole new level, being without a doubt one of the best dressed women of the year. And even while pregnant she has now shown us she plans on prolonging that status.

After having suffered from severe morning illness, the less glamorous side of being pregnant, Kate came back with an array of great fashion moments. Obviously she is less pregnant than Blake and more restricted in terms of protocol, which makes it at this moment both easier and more difficult to stun. She did it anyway in a rather risqué pale blue Jenny Packham gown and a little black dress with geometrical cut-outs from Temperley London.

With all these looks in just a week's time, I bet we can expect more of these both ladies before they deliver their babies in the spring. Pregnancies have never been this fashionable. What do you think of The New Pregnant?

Photos via Metro and US Magazine


  1. They both certainly look wonderful!


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