REVIEW Chanel N°5 X The One That I Want

Ever since the epic fail of the Brad Pitt commercial, anticipation has been built op to a new better Chanel N°5 ad. The unexpected choice of Brad Pitt had not paid off very well to say the least. When Chanel announced Gisele Bündhcen to be the new face of Chanel N°5, with a supporting role for fellow Dutchman Michiel Huisman, I think Chanel made an unexpected choice once again. A much safer one, Gisele can sell anything, but still unexpected. As for Michiel, he may be on the rise after roles on HBO's Treme and (arguably the most popular show of this generation) Game of Thrones, he's still far from a full-blown Hollywood A-lister. This and the carefully planned out build-up of buzz made me extremely curious to how this would all turn out.

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The film starts of with a dramatic underwater shot, immediately followed by a nighttime view over Manhattan. The latter seems to be a return to the iconic Nicole Kidman commercial, the first is something that fits right in with the unexpected turns earlier taken by Chanel. The dramatic music that accompanies these first shots, turns out to be a fantastic Sam Smith-like cover of Grease's You're The One That I Want. Yet again a choice that I wouldn't consider very Chanel-like, though considering Baz Luhrmann is directing, not that unexpected after all.
What follows is images of Gisele surfing - yes, the face of Chanel is surfing -, the singer who performs You're The One That I Want and Michiel. Thank god Chanel returned to the love story that has been a part of the N°5 commercials for so long before the Brad-debacle, there is obviously something going on between the characters of Gisele and Michiel. It is yet unclear if this story will end happily though.
When Gisele ends her surfing she sees Michiel leaving the house, leaving behind an envelope that says: "To my heart I must be true". Is he leaving her? Gisele turns out not just to be a surfer, she also has a daughter. I never thought of the N°5 woman as a surfing mother, but it all is just very refreshing and it works. Chanel becomes more real and somewhat more approachable.
Next up is Gisele working as a model, because of course we are talking about Chanel. And even though the Chanel woman can be a mother and  an avid surfer, she is always reaching for the stars and going for the best professionally as well as personally. So she leaves the shoot dramatically after she reads the note in the envelope saying that Gisele is the one that Michiel wants. She follows him to the night club where the singer is performing and of course, this story ends very happily in a reuniting kiss.

I am so happy that the glamour and mystery from the Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou commercials has returned, but in a refreshing, weirdly more real form. The music is great, considering I hate Grease that is something, and the visuals are stunning. Very much in a Baz Luhrmann style. I love how everything is exaggerated just enough. From Gisele's huge hair during the photoshoot, to the ever returning 5's and Chanel logos. Both Gisele and Michiel are pretty much perfect too. Gisele for just being her own flawless self and Michiel for being undoubtedly handsome, but not in a perfectly polished Hollywood-way. As I said before, with this commercial I feel like Chanel has become more approachable for the masses, though managed to be as elegant, chic and mysterious as ever before. Just what the effect of the commercial of one of the most celebrated luxury brands' flagship perfume should be.

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  1. Brilliant review! This advert is one of my favorite things at the moment - just enchanting!


    1. Thank you! It's defenitiely one of my favourite videos of the moment too.

  2. Lovely sharing. I love it!



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