Emma Watson X UNWomen

You might have already seen or heard about Emma Watson's fantastic speech for the UN as UNWomen's Global Good Will Ambassador. If not, please watch it here. My social media walls are filling up quickly with people raving about both the initiative and Emma Watson's beautiful speech (including how she rocked that Dior coat). I have already stated that I am in full support of this initiative too on my social media channels, but I felt like I should post about it here as well. After all I feel like social media, pop culture and the fashion industry are of huge importance of making gender equality happen asap.

On another note. After the Dior Couture show last July (cosy next to Dior's CEO), several appearances in Dior (including her much talked about look during the Golden Globes earlier this year and of course this grey coat), I'm getting more and more of a feeling that we are looking at the new face of Dior here.


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