Clash of the Dutch September Issues

Just hours ago Dutch Vogue unveiled their September cover featuring Dutch top model Lara Stone. This news comes a week after the news of the Global Icons editorial and covers for the September issue of all editions of Harper's Bazaar, including the inaugural issue of the Dutch version. My bet is, or at least was, that Lara Stone would be chosen from the pool of superstars and top models in the Global Icons series, to cover the Dutch edition. Either way I guess the editors of both magazines won't be too happy about it.

Although I'm as excited about the launch of Dutch Harper's Bazaar as I was before, from these two photos I think prefer Vogue's cover. The colours work so well together. At the same time, I think Stone looks better on the Bazaar cover, making the two equally as interesting really. And I guess we have to await Bazaar's official reveal of the cover before making too much of a fuzz about it. After all it is great that in these difficult times for print media, Harper's Bazaar is ready to try making it work in the Netherlands.

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  1. Ja de Vogue cover is veel mooier!
    X Willemijn Sofie

    Amsterdam So Fashion


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