MBFWA X Paul Schulten

Fashion Week Amsterdam ended with a couture show from Paul Schulten. It is a show I look back on with so many different thoughts that I can't really form a clear opinion about it. At first I really enjoyed the show, for its old fashioned approach of what a fashion show is (think models like in the supermodel era, with the posing and opening the jackets they wear) and just the craftsmanship that goes into making this couture. But then after a while it just took so long and I felt many of the pieces were old fashioned or even trashy. This show is so different from all of the shows I had seen this week (or during any other fashion week) that I have to say I enjoyed it very much despite it taking so long - thirty minutes at least - and the fact that I didn't like many of the pieces shown. As I said, the craftsmanship shows and above all I can appreciate that.

With the Paul Schulten show, a month of fashion shows in both Paris and Amsterdam ended. I was so honoured to be invited to the menswear shows in Paris for the first time, but I must say that Amsterdam Fashion Week continues to be very inspiring and fun too. Let's just hope that in the next year I will be as privileged as I have been for the past year.


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