Because of some train trouble on Thursday I missed the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week, so NON by KIM's menswear show yesterday turned out to be my first show this season. For now the brand is not very known yet, but judging on what I saw, I guess that is going to change pretty soon.

The collection as shown yesterday was a hip, higher-end sportswear collection as seems to be very much a trend right now. I saw it in the Allan Vos show I attended last week, as well as in a whole lot of collections shown during the menswear weeks in Paris, London, Milan and Florence. I myself am not a fervent wearer of sweatpants (I don't even own a pair) and sportswear in general, but this collection as a whole and the different sweaters in particular, especially the metallic ones, appealed to me anyway. The subtle references to Greek and Hindu mythology, which formed the inspiration for this collection, makes it all even a little more interesting.


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