7X Insider's Favourite Spots in Paris

After living in Paris for about five months I have gotten the chance to discover some of the coolest spots in Paris. Truth be told; I still don't know a big part of the city and there are loads of museums, restaurants, bars and bakeries I haven't visited, but I wanted to share seven of my favourite spots (and a few extras) anyway. Most of these spots are quite famous on their own (I'm not a real insider after all), but I think I have some hidden gems for you here too. 

1. Musée d'Orsay

Musée d'Orsay is one of the world's most renowned museums, and for a reason. I think they have the best permanent collection in town (with beautiful works from Van Gogh, Monet, Manet and Degas, among many others) as well as great temporary exhibitions. And if you don't enjoy the art, there is always the magnificent view on the Sacre Coeur and the Tuleries from behind the old station clocks.

2. Colette (213 Rue Saint-Honoré)
Situated on Rue Saint-Honoré is Paris' most celebrated conceptual store Colette. The exclusive store is widely regarded as one of the best curated of its kind in the world. Among the goods they sell are (high end designer) clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, art, books and magazines. A lot of it is very expensive, but in fact there is something for almost every price range, so you may just find something very cool you can actually afford. It is usually quite crowdy and especially during fashion week, it is possible that you spot a few fashion insiders. 
Also, close are the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores (19 Place du Marche Saint Honore) where I spotted style.com's Tim Blanks, and H&M's high-end sister & Other Stories (266 Rue Saint Honoré).

3. La Durée Royale (16 Rue Royale)
Tourists already know their way to La Durée to taste their wonderful macarons. Especially the store on the Champs Élysées usually has a long qeue on the weekends. The original La Durée store on Rue Royale however was my go-to place for macarons and usually a bit less crowdy. My usual order? A box of eight salted caramel macarons. Right across the street and on the nearby Rue du Feaubourg Saint-Honoré are stores of the most well known luxury brands in the world. Especially the Hermès flagshipstore there is a perfect place for window shopping.

4. La Tour Eiffel
I am a sucker for the Eiffel Tower. Even after five months in Paris. I was still happy to see the Eiffel Tower every time again. The view from Trocadéro is of course great, but I enjoyed it the most, when all of a sudden the tower was visible from a random spot in the city (or while on the metro).

5. Maison (6 Rue Grégoire de Tours)
Since I am a huge fan of burgers, I have tried quite a few burger places around town. My friends probably won't agree, but my favourite is Maison. A lot of burger places in Paris approach the burger in a very classical way. Good, but I enjoy burgers most when they have a little twist. Maison was the rare place where they did just that. Plus I love the way the place looks; very simple, raw and a bit industrial. Close to Maison are the beautiful and ever inspiring Taschen store (2 Rue de Buci) and my favourite The Kooples store (59 Rue de Seine). Around the city there are many The Kooples stores, but this one is very spacious and usually it is calm.

6. Buttes Chaumont
Paris has many great parks, but none as good as Buttes Chaumont. It is unlike any other park in Paris with its mountain, waterfalls and the illusion of free nature in the middle of the city. It's a great place to have a picnic and enjoy beautiful weather. Be prepared to walk a lot and travel quite a bit by metro.

7. Berko Le Marais (23 Rue Rambuteau)
For the best cheesecake ever go to Berko. I usually went to this one in Le Marais, Centre Pompidou is just around the corner. Berko offers many different flavoured cheesecakes, from Oreo, Mars, Vanilla Brownie and Bananoffee to my personal favourite Red Velvet. Beside their fantastic cheesecakes they offer cupcakes, cookies and more. Le Marais is probably my favourite district in Paris. Especially for shopping this area is great. My favourite store here is All Saints (23 Rue des Rosiers). Famous park Place des Vosges is the perfect place to go after after an intensive shopping session.

Of course these are just seven places in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Making a selection wasn't easy, because I know there are many other cool spots. Do you have some favourites in Paris yourself?

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  1. Amazing sharing friend! Paris is a nice city all over the world. Many people like this city about attraction and historical places. You know it is also my dream city. I have been visited in Paris before my china bus tour with my family. My family is also like to visit there. The Eiffel tower is my favourite spot in Paris. It is look like a historical place in this city and France.


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