Grace Of Monaco REVIEW

The Nicole Kidman movie on silver screen legend and real life princess Grace of Monaco has been on top of my personal list of highly anticipated movies ever since I first read about it. Over the past few months bad press surrounded the Cannes Film Festival opener. The Grimaldis are not pleased with the film and Harvey Weinstein was in a very public row with director Olivier Dahan. I decided to go see the movie anyway and in fact really enjoyed it. To avoid possible spoilers on the picture, stop reading here.

Yesterday the film opened here in France, so obviously I went to see it as soon as possible. I tried to avoid reading the reviews, but the fact that they were not that good couldn't escape me. As you may know I try to post hardly anything negative here, so I am not doing that. Not really anyway. Because I do understand why the reviews aren't that good. The story is indeed very, very fictional,  the direction is weak and the imagery full of clichés and inconsistent. I however truly enjoyed the movie. Kidman did a decent job and in the end all of it is a very enjoyable fairytale loosely based on true events and people. All set on the Côte d'Azur and richely decorated with beautiful gowns and dresses, hairstyles, jewels, hats and bags, it is a feast for the eye and it all just carries you away to a glamorous world full of drama. Please don't let the bad reviews keep you from going to see this film, you might just enjoy it.


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