Want it! X Coisa

In my opinion, scarves are to be utilized first and foremost as that outdoor accessory that keeps you warm. I love scarves, but I am a firm believer that you wear them to guarantee your comfort (primarily outside). Whether it is for immediate warmth or a precaution to what has yet to come. That's what make scarves especially convenient this time of year. It's too warm for your winter coat but not necessarily warm enough for that cool leather or denim jacket. A good, preferably large scarf will not only keep you warm, but also helps express some of yourself through your clothes. A short while ago I received these photos of these scarves from Dutch brand Coisa in my inbox and I thought they are perfect not just for spring, but basically for every season!

Coisa scarves are made with the best materials. The Coisa Light for example (as shown on photo 2, especially great for spring!) is made from soft cotton and light linen. I believe most of the scarves are aimed at a female customer, but I would totally wear the Square (photo 1, my personal favourite) in honey, or one of the three other beautiful colours, and say they are unisex. Coisa scarves are not cheap, starting at €64,95, but I guess the quality and timeless look are worth it anyway. Get yours at their online shop. Truth be told, I don't know if they ship internationally.


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