Leading Ladies X Marks & Spencer

A few days ago Marks & Spencer launched their new SS14 campaign with a new group of 'Leading Ladies'. An eclectic group of eight inspiring British women, who have proved to be leading ladies in the truest sense of the word, and continue to do so.

Following in the footsteps of other great women such as Grace Coddington and Helen Mirren are: Emma Thompson (actress and writer), Annie Lennox (singer/songwriter and human rights activist), Rita Ora (singer/songwriter), Alek Wek (model, activist and artist), Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon (campaigner and life peer), Lulu Kennedy (designer and fashion guru), Rachel Khoo (chef, writer and presenter of my favourite cooking show 'Little Paris Kitchen') and Roma Agrawal (construction engineer and embassador of the technology industry).

Once again Marks & Spencer has succeeded in finding a group that represents a broad range of women. Women of different ages, sizes, ethnicity and occupational backgrounds. Some of them are among my personal favourite well-known, inspiring leading ladies. And of course hiring Annie Leibovitz is always a good idea. And if I didn't already like the clothes they are selling before, I would have been convinced by this ever inspiring campaign.


  1. Oh to be in the middle of that group!

    1. That's exactly what I think! Each on their own are already very inspiring, let alone this group of eight.


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