Favourite Pieces at Musée du Louvre

After three weeks in Paris I have visited Paris' most famous museum twice now. Before I came to study here, I had already visited the museum three times. Every time again I discover new amazing pieces of art, so I decided to select some of my personal favourites (those I have seen today) and share them with you.

Of course, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is an iconic and an absolute must-see when you visit Paris, but in fact I think there are far more beautiful and interesting pieces to discover. Maybe that's just because we all get to see reproductions of the masterpiece way too often and get the chance to be surprised by other pieces in the collection. I for example, was pleasantly surprised by the collection of pieces from Africa, Oceania and Polynesia.

1. Psyche Revived by Amor's Kiss by Antonio Canova 2. Galerie de Vues de la Rome Antique by Giovanni Paolo Pannini 3. Easter Island Statue 4. La Vierge de l'Annonciation by Pompeo Batoni 5. One of the Louvre's many beautiful stucco ceilings 6. Printemps by Giuseppe Arcimboldo 7. Paysage avec une Rivière et une Baise dans le Lointain by Joseph Mallord William Turner 8. Statue in African section.


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