Amsterdam Fashion Week Recap: Day 5

On the fifth and last day of Amsterdam Fashion Week I had one show planned: Dennis Diem. They say save the best for last, right? Well for me this definitely was the best show I have seen. Including falling models, who turned out to be dancers who faked falling. This collection is inspired by opium and smoke and I think that is really well translated into this gorgeous collection of dresses, coats, capes and gowns. And although I am not necessarily a big fan of those chunky black platform sandals, they did give the whole collection an extra dramatic flair.

This past season of Amsterdam Fashion Week was so much fun! After seeing just one show the season before, it was fun to get to see more this time around. This tuesday fashion week will hit Paris and I might have scored an invite to a very cool show. I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

  1. I am so jealous, what a great show! Those heels are crazy cool!


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