Amsterdam Fashion Week: Recap Day 3

Day three of Amsterdam Fashion Week was my busiest one, attending three shows. Ready to Fish by Ilja, MaryMe Jimmy Paul and Supertrash. I didn't really love MaryMe, but I did like the more commercial shows from the other two. After day 1 I decided not to try and make pictures with my Nikon, for I thought they all were so bad the first day. Turns out they were way better than expected, but I found out only after Fashion Week was over.

Anyway, first up was Ilja Visser's ready-to-wear line Ready to Fish line. The show was opened by Dutch top model Yfke Sturm and featured a whole lot of just very nice, wearable outfits. Loose fits, basic colours and a whole lot of comfort, while maintaining a fresh, fashionable look. It wasn't as extravagant as MaryMe, but to me this made way more sense. The sophisticated black dress and white sweater were my favourite pieces of the show.

The day's third and last show was probably the one I was looking forward to the most: Supertrash! Not necessarily because I am such a Supertrash fan, but more because I know the woman behind Supertrash, Olcay Gulsen, likes to present the collection in a big, showy way. And big it was! Another Dutch top model, Bregje Heinen, opened the show, helped by a lot of light effects and the beautiful location. The collection itself was very nice and basically what you can expect from the brand. On-trend clothes, but never groundbreaking. A lot of mini dresses and in fact just fashion made accessible for the masses. My favourite item? A suit in a beautiful blue tone.


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