Amsterdam Fashion Week Recap: Day 1

t’s been a week since fashion craziness hit Amsterdam for another season of Amsterdam Fashion Week. With Mercedes-Benz as its new sponsor, there were some slight changes, but In the end it is really just the same. This being only my second season as an invitee, it all still feels like being in some glamorous dream.

A few years ago I would never have expected in a million years to be ‘on the list’ of six shows in just a few days’ time. For opening night there was Mattijs van Bergen on the programme. He had this amazing show inspired by Dutch master painter Van Gogh’s work. Sometimes his paintings (or parts of it) were literally on the clothes, but more often this inspiration was very subtly recognizable. Mattijs van Bergen’s show really was a good start of Amsterdam’s fashion fiesta. My favourite piece? That beautifully printed blue gown on the fifth photo.

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