My Favourite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2013!

Christmas is approaching really fast, so it's time for My Favourite Things Holiday Gift Guide. Just like last year, I have one (super) expensive gift accompanied by one more affordable one (under €100). I hope you enjoy! At least I enjoyed putting this list together.

... a mature Alexander McQueen bag, because she is studying now, and a nice Weston notebook and Maison Martin Margiela feather pen to be able to work while on the train.
BAG Alexander McQueen €1630 NOTEBOOK Weston €53 GOOSE FEATHER PEN Maison Martin Margiela €40

... Two very basic, but rather timeless watches because like how my father grossly underestimates the power of suits, my brothers underestimate the necessity of a good watch. LEFT WATCH Casio €45 RIGHT WATCH Bremont €4195
... an authentic Tiffany's table lamp and a fashionable, modern pot and candle holder, because I think my mother would love this combination of old/new and expensive/cheap.
TABLE LAMP Tiffany Studios estimated $100000 - $150000 (auction 19th of december), POT H&M €9,95 CANDLE HOLDER H&M €5,95 

... a giant new OLED LG tv, because he has wanted to buy a new television for forever now, and some Suits DVD boxes, for I think he likes this series as much as I do. TELEVISION LG €8999 DVDs €23,99 each 

... a bottle of champagne to drink while finally catching up and a special trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives to spend some time together for a couple of weeks. CHAMPAGNE Moët & Chandon €40,49 TRIP TO MALDIVES €2695

... my ancient iPhone 3GS is dying, so I am in desperate need of a new one. This simple phone case by my favourite Dutch brand Scotch & Soda should do the job of protecting my new baby. iPhone 5S 32GB Apple €799 IPHONE CASE Scotch & Soda €27,95

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