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#JustSammthingBestOf2013I have seen so many (great) films this year! Really! You may or may not have seen some reviews of films here on Just Sammthing, but those were very, very enthusiastic too. This year was especially great for women in films I think. Two of the biggest box office hits of the year were led by women: Gravity by Sandra Bullock and The Hunger Games; Catching Fire by Jennifer Lawrence. Two actresses from very different generations, who have proven that they are more than just box office gold.

My ten favourites may have been released in 2012 in the States, but I have included films I have seen in cinema here in the Netherlands in 2013. That's why probably some of the big Oscar contenders will be lacking too. They may be on next year's list instead of this year's. I know, it's annoying. Anyway, here they are:

Gravity Sandra Bullock gives a career-defining and almost literally breathtaking performance in what's arguably the best film of the year. Strong visuals, great cinematography and a very enjoyable supporting role from George Clooney help create a very, very good film.
Silver Linings Playbook Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her role in what think is one of the best romantic comedies in recent film history.
Blue Jasmine I still think Cate Blanchett will win her second Oscar for her amazing performance in this very enjoyable dark comedy from Woody Allen. Extra kudos for the great costumes (read: Chanel jackets) and Sally Hawkins' great supporting role.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Another great Jennifer Lawrence film. Surprisingly this one was better than the first. This film too deserves some extra credits for the fabulous costumes. Many from the McQueen archives.
Rush Who would ever expect that a film about racing would be in my top ten list? I certainly wouldn't. But this film was just very good and fun.
The Bling Ring When I read a film was being made out of that Hollywood burglary story I couldn't believe it would actually work, but it did! Great supporting performance from Harry Potter-star Emma Watson.
The Heat Funniest film of the year and the funniest comedy since lead actress Melissa McCarthy's other female driven comedy Bridesmaids. And yes, Sandra Bullock also was part of this summer hit.
Les Misérables I saw the stage version a few years ago here in the Netherlands, but I think this works so much better on the silver screen. Anne Hathaway probably broke everyone's heart with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream.
The Great Gatsby This film version of the Great American Novel is so visually spectacular that I enjoyed every minute of it. Miuccia Prada and Tiffany's worked on the most beautiful costumes of the year. Oh and the music? Fantastic!
Jeune et Jolie Little French movie (which was part of the Cannes Film Festival official selection) about a girl who freely decides to prostitute herself. I was immediately put a spell on by leading actress Marine Vacth.

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