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It must have been months ago when I was in the cinema and I saw Gravity's theatrical trailer for the first time. I had already read something about a sci-fi drama featuring Sandra Bullock, but that was the moment that it really got my attention. Just weeks later the film and its leading lady got rave reviews. Now (eventually) I have seen it myself, I can tell you should believe what has been written by everyone in the world really. If you want to avoid spoilers, you should stop reading here.

Gravity centers around Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) who is in space for the first time. After a rocket strikes a Russian satellite, a cloud of fragments hits the station Stone is working on. She and her colleague Matt Krawolski (George Clooney) end up floating around in space, being the sole surivivors of the 'attack' of fragments. A thrilling attempt to save both their lives follows.

Gravity by far is one of the most thrilling and exciting movies I have seen in a while. Shining star of course is Sandra Bullock, who carries the movie and takes the viewer with her in her desperation. Her panic is your panic, her tears are youre tears and her hope is your hope. When Stone has almost no oxygen left, you don't breath until she herself breathes again. In my Blue Jasmine review I stated that Cate Blanchett is very much in the race of getting a second Oscar, but I wouldn't be so sure anymore she's the one who'll end up receiving the golden statuette in a few months time. As many say, Sandra plays the role of her career in Gravity.

Sandra's performance is being helped a lot by the amazing direction of Alfonso Cuarón, the breathtaking visual effects, stunning cinematography and beautiful score. All these aspects and more make you feel like you are actually in space with Ryan Stone, fighting for your life. Even though most of us have never experienced anything like this and will probably never either. A great accomplishment from everyone who worked on this epic film. There is nothing really that I would want to change and as many say, this will be a big player during Award Season.

I find it difficult to write this review, because I think you should experience it. Please go to the cinema and see this movie in IMAX 3D. That's the only way to know what this film is like. The impact won't be as big when you see it on a small screen, so grab your chance while you still can.


Have you seen Gravity already? Please share your thoughts!

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