Zaha Hadid X United Nude

Tomorrow it is back to university again for me, which means I will be very busy with my studies architecture for the next few months. My last post this summer break is centered round this special edition United Nude shoe by starchitect Zaha Hadid, who happens to be one of my personal favourites, to end my summer in style while still in my own field. You might know Hadid - who is in fact a dame and has just quite recently been named Veuve Cliquot Businesswoman of the Year - from the 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre, which she designed. I think she truly is an architecture groundbreaker.

The man behind United Nude - Rem D. Koolhaas - actually studied architecture at Delft University too. Maybe I will also end up designing shoes, who knows? Anyways, I would love to have a pair of these special editions just to look at, but unfortunately they cost €1.500. Being a piece of art, I think these shoes are definitely worth it though.


  1. I love Zaha from all my heart.

    P.S. I'm back :).

  2. Hi! Je had verteld dat je studeerde aan TU Delft, maar ik wist nog niet dat je architectuur deed, erg leuk! Ik vind het filmpje erg gaaf en leuk om te zien hoe het maken in de praktijk gaat, en wat een mooi en bijzonder ontwerp!

    liefs Mireille

    1. Ja, ik studeer bouwkunde! Ik vind het ook erg leuk. Het is inderdaad interessant te zien hoe het maken van zo'n schoen in zijn werk gaat.


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