Oliberté Lookbook FW13

Just recently, a friend of mine asked me if I knew some great, responsible fashion brands. Unfortunately I had to say I didn't know too many, because although going green is very trendy, worker's rights aren't that much en vogue. Now, after the infamous Bangladesh factory disaster, I feel like that is starting to change very slowly. There still is a very long way to go however.

When talking about worker's rights and sustainable manufacturing in the broadest sense of the word, Oliberté definitely is ahead of the pack. Oliberté is a very young brand with beautifully crafted shoes, bags and wallets. These are all made of African leather and rubber and produced in Oliberté's very own Ethiopian factory. Supporting their 60 employees with healthcare, a safe working environment and giving them a sense of pride, I dare to say Oliberté is a responsible fashion brand. And I'm very happy to support this!

And if you just like shoes, I think these lookbook images are very persuasive too.

Oliberté shoes are available in various stores around the world and online on their very own website: www.oliberte.com. If you like these shoes and boots - available for men as well as women - as much as I do, you are lucky! Oliberté is offering you a 10% discount. Just use the OLIFW1310 discount code (valid until the end of the month).


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