Lady Gaga X Applause

Lady Gaga released her new single Applause unexpectedly early yesterday after snippets of the song were leaked online. As I already said on twitter, I actually really like the song. It's a far cry from her Born This Way era with all of the (pretentious?) messages. Applause is a nice dance song, much like Gaga's early music.

Now, as a reaction to all of the negativity surrounding Gaga's music and personality lately (especially now she is in this chart battle with Katy Perry, who also just recently released her new very nice single 'Roar' and who seems to be more popular), the Haus of Gaga has released this arty - and I think funny - video:

It reminds me of Gossip Girl's media campaign ahead of their second season, when they used fairly negative and unexpected quotes to use in their own advantage. Phrases like 'Every Parent's Nightmare', 'Mind-blowingly Inappropriate' and 'A Nasty Piece of Work' were used to attract the attention of Gossip Girl's teenage audience. Now Lady Gaga is doing something quite similar, but will it work? What do you think of this video and 'Applause' itself?

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