Sweet Summer Recipe

I have written about food only once before, even though in fact I loooove food, cooking and baking. As part of the Summer Break Series I started yesterday with the TV shows I catch up on this summer, today I share a delicious summer dessert recipe with you. I got it from my mother and she got it from somewhere else, but it's pretty much a variation on this recipe on honestcooking.com. It's really very simple and fast and you can easily change it a little!

So, what do you need?
- Whipped cream
- Mascarpone
- A tiny little bit of powder sugar
- Strawberries

This recipe contains just a few steps. First whip the cream with a little bit of powder sugar. Soften the mascarpone a little bit and then mix the two of them together (I'd say use a 1:1 proportion, but you can vary if you want to). You can now add the strawberries or any fruit you like and if you want to also some (white) chocolate pieces, mint or walnuts. I prefer this dessert frozen, but in fact you can eat it now already. If you want it frozen, like I do, you should put it in the freezer for about three hours and mix it up a little every hour. The mixing makes this dessert deliciously creamy instead of hard as a rock. Get the dessert out of the freezer around an hour before you serve it. Enjoy this very nice and simple mascarpone strawberry dessert!


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