Summer Break Sneakers

There is no season with so many shoe possibilities as summer. Of course you can always go with espadrilles, boat shoes, flip-flops or sandals, but if you like to go sightseeing on holiday, like I do, a pair of good sneakers is very welcome. Specially for all of you I have selected two of my favourite sneaker brands, which I think are a good choice for summer!

One of them is the younger line of an established Dutch shoe brand, while the other one is a new brand founded in Peru by two very young Dutch guys (19 and 20!). I am talking about Fretons, about which I have written before, and Mipacha. Fretons would be my choice for a city trip, while I would wear Mipacha to a nice festival or to the beach. Interesting about the Mipacha shoes is how every single one of them is handmade and therefore unique. All of them are telling a story through their colours and symbols and 10% of the profit made through these sneakers go to local projects.

Photos: Fretons FW13 left, Mipacha SS12 right
Both brands have shoes for men as well as women. Fretons has some models for men, some for women and some unisex, while all Mipacha shoes are unisex. Fretons shoes cost somewhere between €149,95 and €219,95, Mipacha sneakers sell for €109,95. For more information on where to buy these, please visit the Fretons and Mipacha websites.

I cannot pick my favourite from these two brands. Do you prefer one over the other?

Photos: Fretons via Puur PR and Mipacha via U-PR


  1. really love the ones from mipacha, they kina remind me of vans:) but the prints and colors are so cool and unique. think my fave is the blue one:)

    lots of love xx

    1. These low-tops do indeed look a bit like vans, but Mipacha also sells high-tops ;). I love the blue one too, but I'd probably go for the black/brown one myself.


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