Christian Dior Haute Couture FW13

As promised in my Raf Simons X Eastpak post, here is my Christian Dior Haute Couture post. As always really, this probably is my favourite Haute Couture show of the season. Especially for it was so clear now that after two rather safe, traditional-New-Look-Diorish collections, Raf dared to put more of himself into this collection. It's more conceptual, more avant-gardistic, yet as beautiful and intriguing as ever. It's as some say, 'the new couture'.

While watching the show I just couldn't help imagining what Dior faces Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence would look like wearing these beautiful pieces. I'd love to see Marion in the beautiful floor-length sequined column gown and Jennifer in the green ball gown. Hopefully during award season, as there's already some buzz surrounding their roles in The Immigrant and  American Hustle respectively.

Don't you just love the backdrop of the show? Some of the biggest fashion photographers, including Terry Richardson and Patrick Demarchelier shot the models in this collection on the morning of the show. These photographs were projected. I wasn't particularly a fan of the aggressive beat, but the show definitely was very good as a whole.

Video via Christian Dior's official YouTube Channel.


  1. This is just spectacular, really love it!

    1. It totally is! Raf is the best!

  2. Hey Sam!
    Thanks so much for your long and really interesting answer on my post about male fashion bloggers. You´re totally right in what you said about male fashion bloggers wearing feminine clothes. Even if those people totally have the right to wear whatever they want and also don´t necessarily look strange, it´s just an image that isn´t appealing to a lot of people because most people like to either see feminine clothes on women or masculine styles on men. That´s also the reason why I didn´t even mention Bryanboys blog in my post because even if he does an amazing job, it´s not his kind of bloggers I wanted to accentuate on. I think there should really be more blogs like Adam Gallagher´s because manages to take something that is meant to be for men and makes it look amazing so in fact he sets himself apart from the mass not by being crazy or different but by having an excellent style, which is what fashion should be about.
    Also I really appreciate how you described your own work as a blogger and it shows even more that fashion blogging is something both men and women can do alike! So keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing your opinion with me :)

    1. Nice to hear you appreciated it! I thought your post was so very nice and insightful, so I just had to share my opinion, haha. And of course, everyone has the right to wear whatever he or she wants (and if he or she wants to share that, please do so)! I just tend to like the masculine men's fashion blogs more and I think those bloggers pave the way for many more. Just to be clear ;).
      Thanks for your reaction and please don't hesitate to visit my blog as often as you want, haha.


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