A Trip To Rome: Part II

As promised, Part II of my A Trip To Rome photography post. My trip to Rome last April was my second one, my first time being in 2009, while I was still in secondary school. This time around I got to see even more of the city and after two years of studying architecture, I naturally saw it all in a different perspective. Especially after my trip to Florence, a few months before. Florence is so much different from Rome! Although I love Rome and I would love to come back in the future, I probably prefer Florence. Rome is of course much larger, much more chaotic and in fact just a mess, whereas Florence seems so much more logic to me.

But of course this is a post about Rome. And while I prefer the over all experience of Florence over Rome's personally, I think Rome has more to offer when it comes to architecture and art. From the ancient Colosseum and Pantheon, to the theatrical baroque works by Bernini and rival Borromini and Caravaggio's breathtakingly beautiful paintings. The Vatican of course is a whole world of splendour, wealth and beauty on its own. Here is another set of photos I've selected for you!

1. World famous dome of the Pantheon (it was raining). 2. Italian traffic is a mess, but I actually took this photo because of the fun traffic sign. 3. View over the city (and its many domes), token near the Trinitá dei Monti. 4. Swiss Guards in the Vatican. 5. Beautiful early Christian mosaic. 6. Interior of an early Christian church. 7. Exterior of the Colosseum. 8. Richly decorated chapel in the Santa Maria Maggiore. 9. This building block is so theatrical. 10. Altar of an early Christian church. 11. Water tower built in the fascist Mussolini era, correct me if I'm wrong. 12. Ceiling of what's arguably the most beautiful baroque church in Rome; San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini. 13. This cat kind of scared me, but I liked photographing him (I assume it's a boy). 14. Remains of what once was the Forum Romanum.

Photos are all by me, Sam for Just Sammthing. Don't use without my permission.


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