A Trip To Rome: Part I

As you might have read here on Just Sammthing I have been to Italy three times in the past year. First I travelled through lovely Tuscany last summer, then I went back for a design workshop in Florence in January and finally I went on a history of architecture excursion to Rome in April. Oh, and before I forget, around this time next Saturday I will be in Italy again. Life isn't too bad, is it?

Now as part of my Summer Break Series here finally is my post about that trip to Rome in April. Although temperatures can rise pretty high in Rome during summer, I think the Italian capital is a very nice summer destination. With plenty of relatively cool beautiful churches, splendid fountains and the most delicious gelato you can get, you will survive even the hottest days. Moreover, you can always attach a few days to enjoy one of Italy's many nice beaches.

1. View over Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti, one of the fanciest and most expensive shopping areas of Rome. Taken from the Spanish Steps. 2. Beautiful Helmut Newton Exhibition 'White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes' in Palazzo delle Espogizioni. I believe it has just recently travelled to Los Angeles, an absolute must-see! 3. Gio Litti is arguably the best ice salon in Rome or even the world! Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to actually eat some gelato there. 4. St Peter's Basilica and its piazza. 5. Beautifully decorated interior of the Santa Maria Maggiore. 6. The Goddess Juno, one of the four famous fountains 'Quatro Fontane'. 7. Ancient grave on Pallatine Hill. 8. Famous staircase in Palazzo Barberini by Borromoni. 9. Interesting cloister walls in an early Christian church. 10. The Church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti above the Spanish Steps. 11. I was intrigued by these very sleek, modern stairs in front of the Ara Pacis Museum, designed by Richard Meier. 12. One of The St Peter's many beautifully decorated domes. 13. Because I'm obsessed with dalmatians...

Part II with thirteen more photos of this trip to Rome will be online very soon!

Photos are all by me, Sam for Just Sammthing. Don't use without my permission.


  1. I love, love, love Italy, these photographs are just stunning!

    1. I absolutely love Italy too, can't wait to go back again coming saturday. Thank you very much! Be sure to come back for part II ;).

  2. Oh wow, you make my city look better than it actually is! ;D

    1. Is that so, haha? I take this as a compliment ;).


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