Queen Máxima X Jan Taminiau

It was the Royal Event of a generation: King Willem-Alexander was inaugurated in Amsterdam today as our new King, succeeding his mother Princess Beatrix. Of course all of the Dutch have been waiting to see his wife Queen Máxima and the dress she would be wearing. Queen Máxima didn't disappoint wearing a custom royal blue Jan Taminiau gown and cape. Her choice for Jan Taminau wasn't exactly a surprise, but she looked every inch the Queen. And a beautiful one for that matter.

Doesn't she look beautiful? It reminded me a little of Gwyneth Paltrow 2012 Oscar gown, but more beautiful and worn by an actual Queen. On the second photo you see Jan Taminiau himself with the gown. During Fashion's Night Out last September I got the chance to see some of his designs and himself in person in De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam.


  1. That gown is amazing! It looks like its out of a fairy tale.

    1. It does, doesn't it? But then again, monarchy is pretty much like a modern fairytale :).


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