Nicole Kidman X Festival de Cannes

After a radio silence of a staggering three weeks and missing out on writing about my favourite fashion event of the year, the Met ball, I'm back. It has been crazy in university again: deadline after deadline. And the worst part is that it will be pretty much like that the next few weeks. But that's not really what I wanted to share with you. And also not the fact that an acquintance of mine has just been decorating the amFAR gala in Cannes (I'm kind of jealous). No, I wanted to talk about Nicole Kidman and how she has been one of my favourite Cannes jury members EVER. Have you seen what she has worn these last two weeks? All of her looks just really hit it.

From Dior Haute Couture, to L'Wrenn Scott and Valentino Haute Couture, Nicole looks beautiful as ever. I especially liked her look to The Great Gatsby premiere in the gorgeous Dior gown and with the punk style ponytail. Let's just hope she does really well in her upcoming Grace Kelly biopic, so that we can enjoy much more of this during Awards Season next year.


  1. Hopefully your courses/exams are almost done and you can have a break! Nicole Kidman is absolutely stunning, I feel like she just looks fantastic in anything she wears!


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