PUUR PR Press Day

Last monday I was in the showroom of Amsterdam based PR company PUUR PR for their FW13 press day. I was invited to go through a variety of pieces from the fall collections of brands PUUR represents.

It was so nice to see all of the FW13 collections. Some of them of brands I did not know yet. I especially liked collections of Suit Supply, Furansu and Anecdote and was very pleasantly surprised by Amatør and Eindhoven based Jannissima

Since I can't let go of burgundy just yet, I was very happy to see quite a few burgundy items in the new collections, but I think the beautiful greens and (cobalt) blues they featured too, might even be better. And if you are not a fan of big knits yet, which I doubt is even possible, you may have to reconsider that.

1. I loved this pale burgundy Suit Supply suit and matching bow tie 2. Amatør had a beautiful collection of jackets, among these this fantastic cobalt blue one. 3. All of these Petra Reijrink rings are unique, how cool is that? 4. Admittedly, this Jannissima collar is not for everyone, I like it though. 5. Nice warm knits from Anecdote. 6. These leather Philomijn cushions would be perfect for my studio. 7. I'd certainly like to have some of Furansu's menswear knits! 8. Leather tablet and notebook sleeves are always a good idea. 9. I'm a sucker for good shoes (and socks!), like these from Suit Supply. 10. PUUR PR's showroom, which is shared with another company, which is called Home Vanity, specialized in interior decoration. 11. Another great Amatør jacket (I loooved the leather collar!). 12. Lawyer and accessory designer Loes Vrij is responsible for this very beautiful, interesting and exclusive bag. 13. I think these Bottega Veneta-style Philomijn bags are very nice!

Thank you PUUR PR for your hospitality!

Photos: by me, Sam for Just Sammthing


  1. Wow the place is amazing and the photos are too x


    1. Thank you! And the Puur showroom definitely is very nice indeed.

  2. Looks like a really great store :)

    X Willemijn Sofie


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