Fred de la Bretonière Collection Presentation FW13

Last tuesday I was invited to take an early look on Fred de la Bretonière's FW13 lines in one of Amsterdam's finest hotels, The College Hotel. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the Fretons sneakers, of which I am a huge fan, so you understand I was very eager to take a look on what will be in stores later this year. Besides the Fred de la Bretonière main line and the Fretons line I have also taken a look at the Shabbies line.

I myself am particularly a fan of the Fretons sneakers. The materials are all very beautiful, the fun details like the leather shoelaces and the red lock (which also works like a lottery ticket to win a very cool customized Fretons bike like you see on picture 5) are very nice and obviously these are very comfy. The two other lines feature some very nice shoes and boots too. I especially liked a pair of just below the knee black boots and a variety of heeled ankle booties.

1. Fretons sneakers with red lottery locks 2. Shabbies ankle booties 3. Shabbies bags 4. Fred de la Bretonière metallic ankle bootie 5. Customized Fretons bike 6. Fred de la Bretonière ankle booties 7. Fretons sneaker 8. Fretons detail

Thank you PUUR PR en Fred de la Bretonière for the invite!
Photos: by me, Sam for Just Sammthing


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