Catching Fire X Teaser Trailer

The first installment of The Hunger Games has been on my to-watch-list basically from the moment it first came out, but yet I still haven't seen it. This self proclaimed Jennifer Lawrence fan should be ashamed. I know. Though I thought the first book was by far the best, I think the second one could just work really well on screen. If at least this trailer is a good representation of the film.

PS If it works in my defense, I saw both Winter's Bone and Silver Linings Playbook.


  1. Oh God! This is a must to see!



  2. It's really good, can't wait for the sequel. Haven't seen Silver Linings though. Is it good?

    1. I know, I've heard great stories about and read very positive reviews on The Hunger Games. I thought Silver Linings is very good! It's very charming and the acting of the whole cast is superb. Especially Lawrence of course, haha.

  3. Want to see this movie! Loved the first one :) and I saw Silver Linings PLaybook yesterday. Witch was also really good, but I haven't seen Winter's bone. So I guess that is also one I have to put on my list.

    X Willemijn Sofie


  4. I'm waiting for this movie too! I'm so excited! :D
    Nice blog, dear!


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