A Big Florence Photography Post

It's been two weeks now since I returned from being a little over a week in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Florence. I had so much fun there, working on a project and sightseeing with my fellow students.

Last summer I visited Florence for just a (very hot) day, so I didn't see so much of the city, but this time I did. Florence has so much to offer! From the Uffizi, Botticelli's Birth of Venus is breathtakingly beautiful, to the Mercato, you should try some truffle oil and salt there, and of course the Duomo, from which you have a stunning view over the city.

1. A bunch of scooters right in front of the Sant'Orsola, the building we've been working on during our project 2. Inside what's probably the best place to lunch in all of Florence! 3. The Duomo 4. A courtyard in Palazzo Medici Ricardi 5. A former monastery that's been tranformed into an appartment complex 6. Those ever cute love locks (came across these on my way up the Duomo's dome) 7. Detail of the Duomo and its campanille tower in the background 8. Detail of the Palazzo Vechio 9. Jewellery shops on the Ponte Vechio 10. View from Caffetaria delle Oblate's rooftop cafĂ© (a very nice and surprisingly cheap place!)

Photos are all by me, made with my Nikon D5000.


  1. Beautiful! I think you must have been in Florence at the same time as my cousin (who is weirdly also called Sam. Haven't been there myself, but I think I really should go x


    1. That's funny! Florence isn't really packed with tourists in January. You definitely should go once! It's beautiful there. As is the rest of Tuscany.

  2. Wow these photos are truly stunning! I absolutely love them. Florence is such an amazing city. I can't wait to go back one day and have so more pistachio gelato!


    1. Thank you! I've had the best pistachio gelato in Florence :). Although I prefer white chocolate and yoghurt.

  3. Great post Sam! :)


  4. Sooooooo beautiful. I want to go to here.


  5. Florence is a beautiful city! Must be fun :) I would love to go one day.

    Nice blog, keep it up :)


  6. your photography is so cool. its so lovely to see.


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