Happy New Year!

It's starting to be a very bad tradition: my very late New Year's post. I know, I should start off better. Maybe next year. But let's start with wishing you all the very best for 2013. It may sound naïve, and in fact it is, but as every year I'm sure the new year will be even better than the last one was.

Looking back to my resolutions for 2012, as always, I think I didn't really do so well, haha:

-         Successfully finish my first year of university
Check! I succesfully completed my first year and I managed to get in my university's Honours Programme. 
-         Write a novel (AGAIN!)
And AGAIN I did have some ideas and I did write a few pages, but nothing really more than that. Maybe 2013 will be the year of my debut novel.
-         Make Just Sammthing grow!
Although I'm still not where I want to be, I think I have grown. I have gained followers on a few different platforms and I am more active on blogger networks.
-         Get a job in a fashion store
I didn't succeed in getting the job I wanted, but I have tried. Due to a lack of time I wasn't available for not one, but two very nice and fun jobs. Of course I won't stop trying!

So, what do I expect from 2013? I have a few very fun things planned. I'm going to Florence in just a few weeks and to Rome in April, I might start a semester abroad in Paris in September and I'm sure I will be doing lots and lots of fun things with friends and family.

These are my goals for the New Year:

-         Successfully finish my second year of university
-         Learn more about the relation between fashion and architecture
-         Learn using my Nikon DLSR better
-         Pick up my old hobbies: drawing and making music
-         Do collaborations with other bloggers, brands, PR companies or other possibly interesting partners.

Do you have some New Year's resolutions?



  1. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals and your plans!

  2. It's never too late to do New Year posts...we're only 6 days in! I hope all your goals come true this year!


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