Under The Sea

It must have been a few months ago I got a lovely email of the folks over at Young Republic about their website. Young Republic is a platform for independent (fashion) designers, a marketplace where they can sell their work. I think it's great that up and coming designers get the chance to actually sell the things they create and  I fully support this very nice and interesting initiative.

While browsing the Young Republic website, I came across these beautiful cushions by San Francisco based studio DQtrs. Joseph Abatti, creative director and founder of DQtrs designs all kinds of beautiful cushions, tapestries, wallpapers and throws. These cushions come from a line called 'Underworld' and feature nine limited edition cushions with gorgeous Mary Katrantzouesque seaworld graphic prints. They sell for $104 each on Young Republic's website. I myself am dying to have the almost monotone jellyfish one in the middle!

For more information about DQtrs, you can visit it's website: dqtrs.com


  1. Thank you so much for leaving that nice comment on my blog, just followed you via gfc , feel free to visit anytime hun :-)

    kisses Keke


  2. Awesome pillows! I love the one on the top right, so fun.

    Thanks for the sweet comment :) I really like your blog, following on GFC and Bloglovin and I would love if you could do the same for me. I would greatly appreciate your support and love to keep in contact.



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