Gossip Girl Finale

Remember this cast picture? I certainly do. My sister showed me this picture when she first told me Gossip Girl was getting its own TV series after the books almost five years ago. I wasn't so sure if it was something for me, but I started watching with her anyway. I immediately fell for the series. The characters, the parties, the fashion, all of the cast and its most important character, New York itself, all were equally as fabulous and new to me. I can hardly believe that now, after six seasons, this phenomenon has ended.

Watch out for spoilers after the break!
This whole past season went by so quickly. You might call it somewhat of a mess, but I loved it. Some of the storylines were a little weird, and I don't think it was all logic, but who cares?! This is Gossip Girl.

As for the Gossip Girl revelation, I actually hoped we would never know who Gossip Girl is. It changes everything. Especially since it is Lonely Boy. It was quite clear however, that Gossip Girl was going to be revealed and I think it was a good way to end this series, full circle and stuff, but still. I loved the mystery. Now I just really don't know who Dan is anymore (I mean, look at that sneaky face on Gossip Girl's first ever cast photo! Does it mean something?). One of the most important questions, did he actually love Blair? Did he ever love anyone other than Serena at all? How did he do all this? At least he ended up with Serena. And Blair with Chuck! Two wedding gowns in one episode! Eventually it all worked out for both couples.

Now it's over. I'm still getting used to it. Probably many will not understand why I care, but I do. As I said Gossip Girl introduced me to an all new world. A world I find very, very interesting. I learned so much, about so many things. Not just "stupid rich-kid things", but things about art, literature, movies (take a look at the titles of every episode), fashion, society and life. It may sound very deep for just the teen drama Gossip Girl really is, but I really mean this. Gossip Girl became the Harry Potter of my teenage years. I'm just guessing, but I think many feel the same. There was a reason Gossip Girl became a pop culture phenomenon. Even though critics, as well as viewers, started to think it all became a little irrelevant, I absolutely don't. Gossip Girl was one of the first to show the power of modern day technology and has always been ahead of the game when it comes to fashion and music.

As I read on someone else's blog: Gossip Girl leaves a void so big, even Revenge can't fill. I know I loved it, did you? At least we have 121 episodes to watch again.



  1. ooh god it was such a long time ago :D
    it's sad that it is ended forever!
    it's been cute as tv series

    Syriously in Fashion
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  2. I was very surprised with the ending. I didn't saw all the seasons. I actually saw around 10 episodes from the different past series and than saw the complete last season this week.
    Follow each other?

  3. I'm sorry I didn't read your post cause I'm still watching old episodes and want the end to be a surprise :) However, thanks for leaving a comment, I too love that contrast between smooth leather, cozy sweater and cold metal bracelet! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x

  4. I'll definitely miss seeing all the amazing styles!


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