(No) Jealousy

Do I need to say more? Some boys just really seem to have it all: a filthy rich football star father who gave you the best genes you could possibly think of, a highly successful fashion designer mother and a super cute baby sister. No pressure Brooklyn, no pressure.

As you can read, I wanted to write the a Suri's Burn Book kind of post, but truth is that I'm A) not Suri Cruise, B) she already posted something about almost the same photo and C) it just doesn't feel right to do so. In fact, I'm not really jealous of Brooklyn. I hate football, I can imagine it's not that much fun to move from the UK, to the US via Spain and I really like my privacy. This photo was just the perfect fit for a jealousy post, because I bet dozens and dozens of people (to be exact: girls and women) are melting away at the sight of the famous big brother carrying his baby sister. Good job Brooklyn!

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