Gone Maybe Gone

I'm a loyal Gossip Girl fan, you all know that, but when you compare last monday's season premiere it's hard to recognize it as the Gossip Girl back in the days. My hopes are still high though that this last season will be a fantastic one. So, I have decided that, starting today, I will recreate one of the looks in the episode, every week. All in honour of my favourite TV series!

Chuck is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to personal style. The colourful and printed items he usually wears are always fantastically matched and combined into these dandy-like ensembles. This week again of course! Here's my take on one of the outfits he wore in this week's episode.

Bow tie, Marwood, €126
Checked wool blazer, Paul Smith London, €719
Pocket square, Paul Smith Shoes & Accesories, €43
Checked shirt, Canali,  €145
Slim fit navy trousers, Burberry London, €350

All via mrporter.com


  1. He's always so classy and flawless! The perfect young businessman :)
    I'm so excited for the new season, cannot believe it's almost to an end!


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