The Born This Way Ball!

Yesterday and today Lady Gaga was here in the Netherlands to do two concerts of her Born This Way Ball tour. I attended her show yesterday and it was simply fantastic. Two years ago I went to a show of Gaga's Monster Ball Tour, so I knew what to expect, but yet she knew to surprise and captivate me for over two hours. My favourite part? The piano part with my favourite song Hair, a new song called Princess Die and YoĆ¼ And I. For me that part is exactly the part where Gaga shows who she is and what she is about. I think she doesn't need the extravaganza. Even though it suits her pefectly well and I enjoy it very much, haha!

Photo: by me, Sam for JustSammthing 
(Instagram: @JustSammthing)


  1. The same show was in Estonia too, but unfortunately I didn't go, and I regret it! How did you like it?



  2. It was so much fun! I don't know if you have ever seen Lady Gaga perform live, but she is actually really good. So besides an amazing show, she gives a very beautiful musical experience too.


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