Lana Del Rey x H&M

To be honest it took me quite a while to learn appreciating Lana Del Rey. I've had her music on my iPhone for months before I actually started listening to it a few weeks ago. Ever since I'm growing to like her more and more, up until this moment I saw her H&M commercial on TV for the first time a few days ago. It's so annoying because it's waaaaaaay too short! Here's the full version if you, like me, think those that you actually see on TV are too short. I mean, I like her singing Blue Velvet... Enjoy!

Video: H&M


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  2. Lovely video! I have always loved this kind of style: excited to go and shop at H&M! :)


  3. love her! and this video is one of the best: it's fashion editorial, it's an amazing song, it's got feeling, mood. ah... i love it! thanks for sharing this:) xoxox


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