Vintage Surprise in Siena

I've never really been a vintage fan. Mostly because I usually find just old rubbage, nothing special and definitely nothing by a well-known designer. In Siena, Italy, however, I found a store filled with vintage designer gems. First a tower of Charlotte Olympias welcomed me, then I heard my mother screaming Mugler and then I saw a rack litterally stacked with vintage Burberry trenches. They did have some quite amazing things over there.

I'm so sorry the photos are blurry and noisy, I made them really quickly with my phone. I wanted to share them though!

1. The store was situated at the Via Del Porreone, I have no idea what it's name was though. It's near the famous Piazza del Campo, so it's very easy to find.
2. The Burberrys I was talking about!
3. I thought these were Viviers, but when I took a closer look they turned out to be Valentino. In the right corner you see some Dolce & Gabbana.
4. I think this beautiful croc bag might actually be real.
5. A tower of Charlotte Olympia shoes (looked pretty new) and a whole lot of designer glasses (among them Christian Dior and Persol).
6. They had Miu Miu too!
7. Some beautiful bridal stuff, including some Charlotte Olympia pumps.

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