Pull & Bear "Dark Fall" Lookbook

I've tried to deny fall is coming very soon, but I admit defeat. Summer has hardly even come here in the Netherlands and now already, fall is knocking on our doors. I'll have to live with it, or wait... Fall means there's a whole bunch of new fashions waiting for the world to see the light! You know, every disadvantage has its advantage (don't you know this wise saying by Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff?).

First up, Pull & Bear. You may or may not know this chain as high street giant Zara's cheaper little brother (and sister, they have womenswear too). I fell in love last year in Spain. Pull & Bear has a great collection of very affordable, on trend clothes, shoes and accesories. I'd dare to say there's something for everyone there!  I, at the very least, like what they have in mind for us men this fall. A little dark, as the name of the collection says, but that's how I like it:


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