Italy Snapshot Diary

As you might have noticed already, I had a fantastic time in Italy. Many things often said about Italy are true: the food is delicious, the sights are gorgeous and the traffic is hysterious. I'm not so sure however, if Italian men are really that stylish.

Some of the men look impeccably distinguished indeed. Most of them however, take it a step or two too far. their shorts are too short, their tshirs too tight and their sunglasses too shiny. The effort most of those men put into their look, is admirable though. And compared too many (Dutch) men, they do take more risks. I'm not sure if that's for the better.

But as I said, most things said about Italy are true. It's indeed very, very beautiful and if you're interested in classic and especially renaissance culture, Tuscany (and most of Italy) definitely is the place for you.

Again, these photos were shot with my phone. I've been trying to enjoy Italy through my eyes, not through my lense, so I haven't made a lot of photos.

1. View from San Marino City
2. Onda Contrade in Siena, you can easily recognize it by their flag. It's one of the contrades to participate in the traditional Palio di Siena.
3. The Fonte Gaia, which means Happy Fountain
4. Beautiful fence in Florence
5. Brunelleschi's famous dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore.
6. My new sunnies from the Bijenkorf. In the reflection you see Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In there was a beautiful exhibition by the Costume Gallery on how women (and men) have visually altered their body through clothes. Some of the most beautiful (haute couture) pieces by Gianfranco Ferré, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others were displayed, next to historic clothes, which were in fact just as beautiful.
7. Very pretty street in Lucca
8. I loved the contrast of the blue sky and the orange parasol when lying on the beach near Rimini.

Photos: by me, Sam for Just Sammthing

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