Shoes Sale!

Yes, it's sale time! And I'm especially a sucker for shoes sales, I simply want them all! I think sale is the time of the year to get shoes. Not to buy the shoes everybody will know it's "soooooo last season" but just the classics you can wear for years, nice sneakers or other wardrobe staples. Here are my picks from Mr Porter's FANTASTIC shoes department:

1. Mr Hare was €661, now €330 2. Bottega Veneta was €450, now €315 3. Common Projects was €351, now €172 4. Raf Simons €345, now €241 5. Acne was €333, now €166 6. Acne was €422, now €210 7. Alexander McQueen was €497, now €248 8. Dolce and Gabbana was €425, now €212

Note that I'm not connected to MR in any way. I just like the website and love these shoes.


  1. LOVE your blog!
    Grrreat picks, especially loving the McQueen kicks and the D&G wingtips!

  2. The Mr Hare shoes are fabulous! Patient never goes out of fashion! :)


  3. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)



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