A Blogger's Milestone

Once upon a time internet sources were regarded highly unreliable. They weren't taken seriously, because anyone could put something online. Things changed over the years. Advertisers started approaching bloggers, one of many internet sources, who had a steady growing audience. It was just a small step until bloggers were actually invited to all kinds of events, right up to the moment they were sitting front row at major fashion shows next to editors of all the big magazines. Now Bryanboy has made it to an all new level, he got the job a million fashion bloggers would die for. He's revealed to be the latest addition to America's Next Top Model's cycle 19 cast!

Isn't that amazing?! I truely think this is a milestone for all of us bloggers. Not that I (and most of my amateur blogger colleagues) are ever going to reach something as big and exciting like that, but it's definitely another sign of approval. It's just so nice to see what you can achieve by putting lots of work, energy, creativity and love in your blog.

Photo: bryanboy.com


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