Birthday no. 19

Yes, it's that day, my birthday! I'm officially nineteen years old now. Nineteen! That's the same age Adele had when her debut album was released! With all the respect though, I think nineteen is a stupid age. Officially you're still a teenager, but in fact you've already passed the holy eightteen-border, which means you cannot truely act like a teenager anymore. Because well, you are an adult already after all...

Being eightteen was fantastic though. I succesfully graduated from high school, had lots and lots of fun with friends and had a wonderful start at university. There's still a lot I can improve when I'm nineteen, but for now I'm actually kind of happy.

Nineteen might not be the most celebratory age, but I'm gonna make this day a very fun one. As of now I still have to decide when I'm celebrating today (you know, "my birthday") with my friends, but tonight I'll be celebrating with my family. Oh, and for the record, I didn't ask for ANYTHING this year! Isn't that something to be proud of when you're as materialistic as I am?

I know I'm not MR. Porter, but I like the idea of Jade Williams singing happy birthday to me in that incredible way of hers:


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